At Greco Painting Company, our goal is simple; we want to be your painting company for all of your interior and exterior painting needs. We know it can be frustrating, and at times costly to find a qualified and reputable residential or commercial painting company. Every project we do has you, the customer, in mind.

Steve Greco started his company in 1995, along with one assistant. As a young man, Steve always ended up, one way or the other, painting things everywhere he worked. “Everywhere I worked I always found myself painting something.” says Steve. He then went on to Technical college and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. During those years after High school, he started painting the home exteriors in local neighborhoods. “It was a good way to make a few extra dollars, and I found out that I was particularly good at it. We learned a lot about all the different products, how to be efficient, how to be neat, and most of all, hard work.”

By 1995, Greco Painting Company was in full swing, obtaining custom residential interior and exterior painting jobs that were referred solely by word of mouth.

As a homeowner, husband, and parent of three, I understand how important people’s homes are to them. We pride ourselves on doing great work at a fair price and I am always on the job site.

The company, over 20 years later, is still in business and holds the same ideals and standards set forth in 1995: neatness, dependability and honest hard work. “Our experience and knowledge continues to grow.  Today, too many  contractors are not even present while the real work is being done. I am hands-on, and am always present. My three employees and I work together as a team while respecting each other, the homeowner, and everyone else we come in contact with.”

O U R   M I S S I O N
Respect | Neatness | Experience | Dependability